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Santa Ana Community and Education Leader

Meet Mark McLoughlin



unspecifiedMark McLoughlin knows the meaning of hard work. He has gone from manually mopping hot tar onto roads as a teenager to earning his master’s degrees in Business Management and Operational Research from Rochester Institute of Technology.

When Mark was sixteen, he instantly became a wage earner to support his mother and sister after the sudden death of his father.

Mark’s teachers, coaches and neighbors bonded together, delivering the care and help that anchored his family. To this day, Mark’s sister, a teacher, says Mark (just as he was helped in his youth) is most fulfilled when he serves the families and students in his community.

Often in college, he was frustrated because the only jobs he could get were as a dishwasher or short order cook.  He had no time for extra activities because he needed to financially help his mother.

From his personal experience comes his fight for students to have access to job training in high school such as certification programs, apprenticeships with the trades, technical skills, job internships and business mentorships for the best career and college readiness.


Mark believes strong schools build great communities.
Students deserve fulfilling jobs which pay fair wages.
A better educated workforce will bring businesses 
into Santa Ana.



As a college student, Mark was a quick study for math with attention to detail. Graduating with an Engineering degree, Mark worked all through college but needed to find work immediately after college because of his high student loan debt. That didn’t stop him; he worked the production line during the day and went for his master’s degrees at night.

He has 30 years experience as a business executive working in cost reduction, contract negotiation, strategic planning, supply chain management with Lockheed, Toshiba Medical and Xerox and most recently the position of General Manager of a Santa Ana based manufacturing company which he left in 2013.

Mark has joined the faculty of William Howard Taft University as a Professor with teaching responsibilities in their undergraduate business program.

Mark’s current principal profession, occupation, and vocation are that of Education Business Advisor in his many roles within the community.

“Teachers and Administrators endorse Mark because they’ve worked with him and know his many strengths.”
— Rob Richardson, Board of Education, SAUSD



Mark served four years as trustee of Rancho Santiago Community College Governing Board and knows his experience, as a school board member for Santa Ana College will be helpful for Santa Ana Unified K-12.

While on the Community College Governing Board he was appointed by the Office of the California Community College Chancellor to the Santa Ana Redevelopment Citizens Oversight Board and served as Vice President of the Board. He was selected by the President of Santa Ana College to serve on the 100th Anniversary Centennial Committee as the Santa Ana community outreach liaison.

Mark is a community education leader who has a proven, long-standing investment in education, especially his commitment to the Santa Ana Unified School District, which is exemplified by his service on the District Budget Reallocation Committee that reduced $90 Million without impact to the students, teachers or classrooms.

“In my 27 years working in Santa Ana School
District, there has been no community volunteer who has
had a more lasting impact than Mark McLoughlin.”

— Jane Russo, Retired Superintendent of Santa Ana Schools

Mark served as chairperson of the successful Measure G bond election committee that provided over 1300 new and modernized classrooms, along with technology both inside and outside the classroom for 55,000, K-12 students. In addition to equipping the classrooms with the newest technology, 580 portable classrooms were removed and 12 acres of recreational space was created for all students.

At the School Board’s request, Mark served 8 years on the Citizens Oversight Committee charged with informing the public, protecting taxpayer’s dollars, and management of $600 million in funds.

Mark has a record of excellence

Currently, Mark is President of High School Inc., Education Board Member of the Chamber of Commerce, City of Santa Ana Economic Development / Workforce Development, member of XQ 21st Century High School Design, Master Plan Arts and Culture Education Representative.

Mark is engaged in these activities as the  Education Business Advisor on and off campus, working with students, teachers, administration and the business community developing programs,  implementing a different curriculum and model of education at SAUSD.

“We want the best for our students. We endorse
 Mark McLoughlin in this election and encourage voters to trust their teachers.”
— President of the Educators Association, Barbara Pearson

The Santa Ana Teachers and Classified Employees know Mark’s ten years of continuous hard work on behalf the School District and have worked with him first hand, appreciating his experience and knowledge.

Dino Art Creator | Project Access | Downtown Artist
Dino Art Creator | Project Access | Downtown Artist

Serving the Community


“There is no limit to the time and effort that Mark gives to any project that supports our students, parents and community.”
— Senator Lou Correa

Mark serves his city as a member of the Planning Commission and past Historic Resource Commissioner. As a neighborhood leader, he has served as President of his Neighborhood Association and Historic Designation Committee.  Mark volunteered as a facilitator of the Santa Ana Community Neighborhood Leadership Training Program, working with 58 other associations.

Mark and his wife Janelle, are residents of Santa Ana, for more than 25 years working in the community.